Disneyschool Guides

Believe it or not, Disney World is an amazing place to learn. From history and nature to science and geography, there’s a little bit of everything in this magical place, and my family has found that it works its way perfectly into our whole life learning or unschooling approach.

Of course, I couldn’t keep such a perfect fun learning opportunity to myself, so this Disneyschooling blog series was born.

I have written about Disneyschooling in the past on both The Unlikely Homeschool and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. However, those articles were sorted by park and only glazed over the in-depth knowledge the parks offer. In this series, I will be diving a bit deeper.

Instead of an overview of what each park has to offer, we will be focusing on specific topics that can be learned about in the Disney parks. Each post will provide a list of attractions and experiences that introduce a specific topic, as well as some resources for expanding upon the topic at home.

Wild Cats