Colonial Times Disneyschool Guide

We love history, and currently our family is especially fascinated with colonial history and the Revolutionary War. Luckily for us, there are tons of awesome opportunities to learn about this time period as we travel. Heck, we’ve even found a few great chances to explore this interest right in the middle of the hustle-and-bustle of the Disney Parks.

Want to expand upon your colonial history knowledge while visiting Disney? Below we’ve listed all the early American history lessons we’ve found in both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Try coupling your in-park experiences with some of the books, movies, and activities listed to create a super fun, Disney-centered unit study you and your kids won’t soon forget.


All ages

Ages 5–13

Ages 14 and up

  • John Adams series by HBO (some adult content, check IMDb for details)


All ages

Ages 7–12

Ages 13 and up


All Ages

Explore the Parks

  • Check out “The American Adventure” show in Epcot.
  • Listen to the Voices of Liberty group in the America Pavilion in Epcot. Many of their songs date back to colonial times!
  • See the Hall of Presidents attraction. Make time to see the awesome collection in the lobby of the theater. During the show, look for familiar faces from your colonial history studies.
  • Spend some time in Liberty Square. Notice the architecture and other small details. See if you can find where people dumped their sewage in the streets (common practice in colonial America). Also, look up at the windows and take note of the sagging shutters. Do you know why they’re sagging? It’s because the metal hinges were used for ammunition in the war and replaced with leather hinges.
  • Have a meal at Liberty Tree Tavern. Before your meal, stop to look at the Liberty Tree outside of the restaurant and discuss its significance. During your meal, pay attention to the small details of the restaurant and try ordering foods that may have been eaten by people living in colonial times.
  • Watch “The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History” outside of The Hall of Presidents for some silly yet informative skits about colonial America.


  • What would your day have been like as a colonial child?
  • Why did the Revolutionary War happen?
  • What would you like about living in colonial times? What would you dislike?

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