Park ‘Pinions: A Review of Park Delta Bay

Park Delta Bay

Isleton, CA

During our stint in central California, we were determined to see both San Francisco and Sacramento. Unfortunately, we were rather short on time, so we had to find a way to cram both things into one week.

Enter the Park Delta Bay campground. This little park is located almost exactly halfway between these two cities, making it the ideal place for us to stay during our jam-packed week of sightseeing.


Honestly, because we were doing so much sightseeing during our week in this park, we didn’t see much of the staff. That said, the few times we did interact with them, the employees of this park were exceptionally friendly and helpful. They even took the time to chat with our talkative 6 year old, which the little boy in question appreciated very much.

Park Delta Bay Site
Our Site


None of the sites at this park are paved, and although ours was covered in mulch, we noticed that many are only dirt and grass. They do offer full hookups however, and this includes a 50-amp power outlet. We had no issues with electric or water, but when we went to dump our tanks we realized the sewer connection was actually higher up than the connection on our rig. This made dumping difficult as we had to stand with the hose and manually ensure everything made it into the sewer. It appears than many of the sites in our row had the same issue.


The place is very well maintained. Common areas were clean and relatively free of litter, and the grass was well manicured. It seemed there was always someone outside working on improving the park, and you could tell the staff really cared about the appearance of their grounds.

Park Delta Bay Bathroom
Women’s Restroom


The bathrooms at Park Delta Bay were nice. They were clean (with the exception of the small shelf in the shower), heated, and well lit. We appreciated the ability to close an actual door to the shower, and the seemingly unlimited hot water was a major bonus. It was also nice that there were lights for each shower stall, making it easy to see while washing off.

I should note that the restrooms required a code for use. This wasn’t a big deal for us, but make sure you get a code upon check-in so you can use the bathroom as needed.

Lastly, it is important to know going in that this park locks their restrooms every day from 8pm to 8am. Because we only use campground showers and because I tend to shower late at night, this was highly annoying for my family. For us it meant changing our entire routine, and made getting out and about much more difficult in the mornings.


For the most part, this seemed to be a park for stationary residents. We didn’t see a single other RV come or go during our stay, and many residents had decks and yard ornaments, but no sites were messy or visually unappealing. Additionally, every single resident we came across was friendly and nobody was loud or disruptive.



Park Delta Bay Laundry


As far as amenities go, this park did have a few. There was a tennis court, a place to play volleyball, a basketball court, and a pool that was closed for the season. There was, of course, a laundry room, and prices were reasonable at $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry. We also found a little dog play area, but not a playground for kids.


Because we wanted to visit both Sacramento and San Francisco, the location of this park was pretty great. That said, there were some less-than-convenient things about it. The closest real grocery store was about half an hour away, and the road into the park was winding, rutted, and narrow, which meant driving very slowly.


We were gifted our stay at Park Delta Bay in exchange for some promotional work. That said, I did take a look at their usual rates. Honestly, I feel that the nightly rate is a bit high for the location of this park and what it has to offer. However, the monthly rates are a bit more reasonable and something we might consider in the future.

Park Delta Bay
Multiple Sites


All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Park Delta Bay. The staff is kind and helpful, and though the grounds are nothing fancy, they are well kept and get the job done. We would certainly stay here again if we found ourselves in the area.

*Please note: Wonder Wherever We Wander received a free or reduced rate stay at this campground in exchange for a review. That said, all opinions are our own and are not influenced by the discount.

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