National Watch and Clock Museum Roadschool Guide

National Watch and Clock Museum

Columbia, PA


Reciprocal: ASTC

Full Price Admission Cost: $9 adults, $5 kids 5-16, under 5 free

WWWW Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The National Watch and Clock Museum is a truly fascinating little place. Although it’s a bit off the beaten path, it’s well worth a visit, especially if you have an interest in time. Honestly, even if you don’t feel all that interested in the history of keeping time, you’ll probably enjoy this super cool museum, so I recommend going if you’re ever in the area.

You’ll want to begin your experience with the short video that is shown at the front of the museum. From there, you’ll work your way through the exhibits which run in chronological order and show the many ways humans have tracked time throughout history.

For the kids, there are small stations set up for crafting items such a sun dials and paper clock with moving hands, something our son enjoyed quite a lot. Additionally, there is an exhibit showing how a pendulum works and why each part is necessary, something that our whole family found interesting. Finally, you will want to make sure to watch a demonstration of the antique Engle Clock, a giant cuckoo clock with a wide assortment of moving parts and figures as well as music.

Books to Read

Videos to Watch

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • Why do we need to keep time? What would life be like without timekeeping devices?
  • If you could design a cuckoo clock, what would it do?
  • Which historical timekeeping device do you prefer and why?

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