Discovery Cube LA Roadschool Guide

Discovery Cube LA

Los Angeles, CA


Reciprocal: ASTC

Full Price Admission Cost: $12.95 online, $17.95 at gate, 2 and under free

WWWW Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Discovery Cube LA is a children’s museum that is best suited for kids ages 3-9. It is small, but very different from other children’s museums we’ve visited, making it a worthwhile attraction for sure.

The building is host to a variety of exhibits including a kid-sized grocery store that is the most elaborate I’ve ever seen. In this store, kids use a shopping cart with a tablet attached to play an educational shopping game with lessons in earth friendly shopping and healthy eating. We really enjoyed this little game.

Another great exhibit was the home inspection section where the kids used a helpful tablet to “inspect” a model home for safety and green practices. I actually learned a thing or two from this activity, and I could definitely see it sparking some interesting conversations.

Other downstairs areas included pulley lift chairs, a fun “helicopter tour” video, weather exhibits, info on how new plants are born, and more.

Upstairs, we found a hockey themed area with tons of fun, interactive learning opportunities. There were lessons on friction, chances to jump into the game, and even a pretend Zamboni for the kids to play in.

The other upstairs exhibit rotates seasonally. Currently, it’s an Eric Carle theme, which we fell in love with. That said, the upcoming traveling exhibits looked just as interesting, meaning we might just be back for more.

There is a 4D theater and a cafe in the museum, but we didn’t make use of either. However, the cafe menu looked interesting in that it was very health focused, allergy friendly, and had adorable, themed entree options for the kids such as a piano shaped sandwich and a hummus entree that looks like a crocodile.

Books to Read

For Little Kids

For Bigger Kids

For Everyone

Videos to Watch

For Little Kids

For Bigger Kids

For Everyone

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • What are some of the things we can do to help our environment?
  • What are good food choices and how do they help our bodies?
  • What are some ways we can make our homes a safer place to live?
  • What is friction?
  • How are new plants made?

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Below are some of the other great attractions in this area. We try to keep things affordable, sticking to free and cheap attractions or museums and zoos on reciprocal lists. If an attraction is affiliated with a reciprocal program or offers free admission, I have noted that beside the attraction listing. To learn more about saving money using reciprocal programs see this post.

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