Teach Your Monster to Read

As fulltime RVers, we spend quite a bit of time in our truck. While we do try to find ways to entertain our son that don’t involve screens, I will admit that he definitely has his fair share of tablet time while we travel from one place to the next. This is not something I’m proud of, but it isn’t all bad. In fact, our son has learned some pretty great things from various games and videos on his tablet.

One of the best apps we have ever downloaded to his Kindle Fire is Teach Your Monster to Read. If you have a child who is just learning to read and you don’t already have this game, I highly recommend downloading it right away. It is a fantastic buy and well worth every penny.

We first downloaded Teach Your Monster to Read when my son was 4-and-a-half and just starting to show an interest in sounding out words. I didn’t expect the game to have any huge effect on his reading progress considering ABC Mouse wasn’t doing much for him. Still, the app came highly recommended and it was free at the time, so I didn’t have much to lose.

The very first day my son played Teach Your Monster to Read he was showing progress. Not only that, but he loved playing. This was incredible, because it meant I could use “school” as a reward. He played quite a bit in the weeks that followed, and made enormous strides.

My son is now five years old and reads fairly well. I give Teach Your Monster to Read a lot of the credit for his abilities. He doesn’t play the game very often any more because it is no longer challenging for him. However, he does open it from time to time to help his monster continue to advance through the game.

Now that we have established that the game is effective, let’s talk about specifics.

Teach Your Monster to read is brightly colored and eye catching. It features a variety of colorful characters that any young child would love. Additionally, it allows the student to create a monster of their own, something that was great fun for my little guy.

After creating a monster, the player is led through a series of quests in order to fix their monster’s broken spaceship. During these quests the child gains letter sounds, blends, and sight words which eventually form words and sentences that the child must read to move on in the game. There are many types of games and challenges throughout the journey, so it remains fresh and interesting even after many sessions.  There are also small incentives in the form of clothing and accessories for the monster that give the player reason to keep working.

All in all, I highly recommend Teach Your Monster to Read. It is effective, engaging, well made, and adorable. We had no issues with the program at all and would use it again in a heartbeat.

This program is available as an app on Android and Apple Devices and as a desktop game through the Teach Your Monster to Read website.

Have your tried Teach Your Monster to Read? Did you enjoy it? Is there a program you like better? Share in the comments!

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